Meet the Developers – Lara Bendoris

An Animator at Extra Mile, Lara is also a life long gamer. She even has the ultimate gaming name!

What have you been working on most recently in Shred It!?

Lara: I’ve mainly been working on character animations. Most recently I’ve been animating our dog and girl characters.

How did you get into video game development?

Lara: I come from a traditional 2D animation background, and I must confess – I hadn’t originally considered a career in video game development. After I left Art School I decided to do a post grad at Glasgow Caledonian University learning 3D software. I had some really great mentors at the uni who gave me so much support. Everything sort of fell into place from there!

What are your favourite games?

Lara: I love all the popular open world games such as the Assassins Creed series and Grand Theft Auto, however, I still have a soft spot for the good old fashioned Amiga games of my childhood. I lost whole summers trying to beat Monkey Island, and Super Frog!

Which game element do you enjoy working on most?

Lara: I love love love animating. There is something so magical about making a character come to life and seeing them move about on screen.

You must be getting pretty good at Shred It! after all these months of playing it. Have you got a decent high-score?

Lara: I’ve mostly been playing Shred It! to test my animations so I don’t have a decent score as of yet! I’ll need to get practicing if I want to be good enough to beat Patrick!

How are your real life snowboarding skills?

Lara: I’ve never tried snowboarding so I have absolutely zero skills. I can’t imagine I’d be very good either – I have the coordination skills of a drunken baby giraffe. Of course, now I can play out my snowboarding fantasies from the safety and warmth of my sofa, thanks to Shred It! 😉

When you’re not making or playing games what else do you like to do?

Lara: I’ve recently adopted three rambunctious baby rats. They’re called Meemer, Mooshie and Muffin and they’re my little furbabies. I’m officially the ‘Mad Rat Lady’ of the office!

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