26 Aug 15 – Butterflix Adventures Launches


Alfea Butterflix Adventures – our third collaboration with Tsumanga Studios based on the popular Winx TV series – is now available on both Android and iOS platforms.

For the first time players can take complete control of all of the Winx characters and guide them through the halls of Alfea in an epic battle against Brafilius and his minions – the diamond eating Gemlins!

Alfea Butterflix Adventures is a full 3D platform adventure, with all new Alfea interiors created just for this game.

As with every Winx title, fashion is important so each of the Winx has a number of different outfits; and as if that wasn’t enough there are 150 unique trading cards that can be collected as you explore Alfea.

Check out the Butterflix section of this site.

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