Time to GET Serious

Gaming can do much more than entertain, and at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine they have been developing innovative programmes using gaming technologies to help in such diverse areas as Malaria Prevention and HIV education.

We’re delighted to announce that EM have been chosen as the technology partner by their ETCH (Engaging Tools for Communication in Health) team!

The first of these projects, ResistanceSim, lets players take charge of anti-Malaria programmes in a fictional sub Saharan country.

EM are working with LSTM experts across a number of fields to simulate the environment and challenges presented.

The player monitors Mosquito populations and decides on intervention plans – whilst involving local stakeholders and managing finances.

Alongside the serious simulation a number of mini-games are being developed which educate players on specific techniques used in various key lab processes; and in understanding the science behind the concept of resistance.

The ETCH team maintain an excellent blog on the ResistanceSim and the earlier stage GET project which deals with HIV education.

You can read it here: All about ETCH

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