Battle in the Blood launches on World Aids Day

Further fruits of EM’s ‘serious games’ partnership with The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine launched worldwide on December 1st – World Aids Day.

The timing is no coincidence as Battle in the Blood is an innovative use of gaming to increase HIV awareness and the importance of early testing amongst high risk groups.

We worked with researchers from the ETCH unit at the LSTM and experts from the University of Philippines at Manilla to create a game which was fun, educational and which also sought to gather valuable data.

This data will be used to improve the design of programmes – initially in the Philippines – which encourage at risk individuals to get tested for HIV early – as an early diagnosis vastly increases the chances of living a normal life with the condition.

The launch had a great deal of media coverage in the Philippines, some of which is gathered on the game’s Facebook page:

Battle in the Blood on Facebook

The game is 100% free, and has no in app purchases. Players can gain the usual ‘Match 3’ rewards by providing (anonymously) data about themselves and their lives that will be invaluable for the researchers attached to the project.

Downloads links here – enjoy!



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