Aqua TV debuts on PlayStation 4!

December 12 2017 – Aqua TV Makes its PlayStation 4 Debut

Well, it’s taken us longer than we’d thought, but we hope you think the PlayStation 4 version was worth waiting for!

Using the power of the PS4 this version of Aqua TV is the best looking yet.

We’ve been able to increase the definition of the visuals, the smoothness of the animation and the behaviour of the creatures in the Aqua TV world.

This improves quality across the board, but bespecially in the Tropical Reef !

The other big change is that Aqua TV on the PlayStation 4 has no in app purchases.

Instead for a single purchase price (9.99$, £7.99. 9.99 euro) every single piece of content is unlocked! And you can have up to 50 different tank presets to enjoy on Shuffle mode!

Have a look at the PS4 trailer – though visually the video just doesn’t compare to how it looks on the PS4 when connected to a big screen TV!




The Sony team really seem to like what we’ve done with it on PS4. Here’s a link to the release Blog post they did:

Aqua TV PlayStation 4 Blog Announcement

And click here to go to the PS4 Store Aqua TV Page.

Lastly, remember, if you don’t have a PlayStation 4 you can get Aqua TV on any of these devices: iPhone, iPad & Apple TV, Apple Mac desktops and laptops, Android phones, tablets and Android TV, Amazon Kindle HD and Fire TV, Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U.

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