Resistance 101 Surfaces at Major Malaria Conference

EM’s ‘serious games’ partnership with The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine has reached the App Store and Google Play once more – this time via the world’s main Malaria prevention conference.

The 2018 Multilateral Initiative on Malaria was held in Dakar in April and it saw the launch of Resistance 101 – an arcade style game where the player learns the concept of insecticide resistance by fighting wave after wave of increasingly hard to kill mosquitoes.

The game is split in to eight sections, each being introduced with a bespoke video detailing the key learning areas to be tackled in the upcoming section.

The game is 100% free, has no in app purchases and is designed to accompany Resistance Sim by giving players an understanding of the mechanics of how insecticides work, how resistance develops and how it can be fought!

Downloads links here – enjoy!



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