Shred It! now on Xbox One!

Shred It!, our highly rated mobile endless runner, makes its console debut. The game launched on Xbox Live on 18th March 2016. Unlike the 'free to play' approach that is dominant on mobile, Shred It! is a paid game on Xbox Live with NO in-app purchases. All the fantastic arcade endless runner gameplay from the…
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Aqua TV comes to Apple TV

Since the days of the earliest PCs and Macs people have loved turning their screens in to mini-aquariums - and they still do! But technology has moved on a bit since then, and we have now launched Aqua TV to give those folks a 21st century experience. Aqua TV is completely customisable - change wallpaper,…
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Apple and Google Love Latest Shred It! Update

Now that winter is here, it's time to get back to those gorgeous paper-crafted snowy slopes! In December and January we released a massive new update to Shred It! with, amongst many other things, a beautiful new night time level and an enhanced trick jump feature. We think the improvements are fab, and so clearly…
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26 Aug 15 – Butterflix Adventures Launches


Alfea Butterflix Adventures – our third collaboration with Tsumanga Studios based on the popular Winx TV series – is now available on both Android and iOS platforms.

For the first time players can take complete control of all of the Winx characters and guide them through the halls of Alfea in an epic battle against Brafilius and his minions – the diamond eating Gemlins!

Alfea Butterflix Adventures is a full 3D platform adventure, with all new Alfea interiors created just for this game.

As with every Winx title, fashion is important so each of the Winx has a number of different outfits; and as if that wasn’t enough there are 150 unique trading cards that can be collected as you explore Alfea.

Check out the Butterflix section of this site.

Shred It! Goes Live!

Today EM launches its first ever self-published game – Shred It! Shred it! is an innovative endless runner where the player snowboards their way down a never-ending hill in a beautiful paper-craft world. In a sublimely atmospheric and ever-changing landscape, a dynamic weather system swirls around you as you tear your way down the slopes,…
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Shred It! at goNorth

They said goNorth, so we went! The team headed to the annual festival held in Inverness celebrating all aspects of the cultural and creative arts and includes film, music, literature and of course one of Scotland’s most successful exports, video games. We wanted to get Shred It! into the hands of people from all different…
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Meet the Developers – Lara Bendoris

An Animator at Extra Mile, Lara is also a life long gamer. She even has the ultimate gaming name! What have you been working on most recently in Shred It!? Lara: I’ve mainly been working on character animations. Most recently I’ve been animating our dog and girl characters. How did you get into video game…
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